Real Estate Terms You Should Understand Before Buying A Property

Real Estate Terms You Should Understand Before Buying A Property

Saket constantly searches for new and innovative ways to share the knowledge we have gained over the previous years of experience. And we also wish you had fun today learning something new and significant!

Real estate is a growing business that encompasses many different professions and jobs. Despite this, real estate is also a fundamental part of every person's existence.

Everybody hopes to own a piece of land, buy a house, or rent space. Therefore, it is always beneficial to research the broad subject of real estate and be familiar with at least the fundamental terms.

With that philosophy in mind, Saket Group offers our visitors information identifying a few fundamental terms frequently used in the real estate sector.

When you start purchasing real estate property, we are confident you will find these words helpful.

Carpet Area

According to RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority), carpet area denotes a property's net usable floor area. This region does not include the sections under the service shafts and those enclosed by the exterior walls. The space covered by the apartment's interior partition walls is included in the carpet area but excluded from the balcony, verandah, and open terrace areas.

The carpet area is often measured in square feet or square metres.

The Built-up Area

The carpet area plus the wall thickness and any other non-usable sections of the flat, such as the dry balcony, flower gardens, terrace, etc., are considered the built-up area of a property. Always, the built-up area is bigger than the carpeted area.

The built-up area can be calculated simply by adding the carpet area to the wall area.

The built-up area is most frequently measured in square feet or square metres.

Super Built-up Area

The super-built-up area, as defined by RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority), is the total of the carpet area, the built-up area, and the shared common areas, including the lobbies and stairs, accessible to the entire building.

Built-up area plus common areas equal super built-up area.

The super built-up area is often measured in square feet or square metres.

Total Property Area

The total Property Area consists of the super built-up area. Still, in addition to this, the total property area also includes the space occupied by the facilities provided by that specific property. Saket Bhusatva is an integrated township in 75 acres, which is a haven of living.